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Reduce Your Premiums. Save for Your Excess.

With SelfSure Excess Wallet you save on your premiums without having to pay excess. No need to Switch your insurance!


We've got your excess

SelfSure Excess Wallet covers your excess at no out of pocket cost to you. 

Reduce your Premiums

SelfSure Excess Wallet gives you  the control to convert premiums to savings. 

Withdraw your savings

You can withdraw your savings from Excess Wallet. Reward yourself for good driving

Get Your SelfSure Excess Wallet!

Excess Assured

Excess is the last thing you need to worry about when suffering a loss. SelfSure gives you the assurance that your excess is covered at no out of pocket cost from you.

Let us worry about your excess, you focus on your claim!


Remain Insured

Keep your existing insurance policy and benefits. Adding our Excess Wallet gives you the control to cover a larger excess, stress free, in order for you to bring down your monthly premiums. 

Zero excess, means your accident is no longer an added expense!


Convert premiums to savings

Excess Wallet gives you control to convert your insurance premium to savings. Higher insurance excess means a lower premium.

You know your excess is covered!

Start converting using SelfSure calculator

Step 1: Enter your current premium

Step 2: Enter your current excess 

Step 3: Select your current insurance provider

Step 4: Choose your SelfSure goal (new excess amount)

Step 5: See your savings and get started!

Earn interest on savings

Your excess contributions are put in your individual interest-earning Excess Wallet. The savings grow with good driving and can be withdrawn for personal use.

Why not reward yourself for good driving?

Sharing Economy

SelfSure lets you and your peers pool your insurance excess contributions together to form a risk sharing network. This solves a common problem – how to pay for insurance excess.


"Before SelfSure, insurance premiums were just another monthly expense but that has completely changed. I'm now able to save on my current insurance premium while confident that I'll pay zero excess in the event of a claim. GREAT PRODUCT!"  - Tshidiso 

No need to switch

SelfSure members still get to keep their insurance providers:

Disclaimer: SelfSure is not affiliated with any of these insurance companies.